"INDICHEM Specialty Fertilizers"
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INDICHEM Specialty Fertilizers

INDICHEM Specialty Fertilizers Private Limited is an Indian Private Limited Company recognized as Start Up by Government of India, headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra and is promoted by the experienced professionals with proven agronomic expertise over two decades in the fields of Specialty nutritional products.

We believe in supplying the products with unique chemistry that maintains the highest quality of production and we are dedicated to provide our customers with best in class products which ensures the complete solution to the plants.

We are delivering the solutions to the farmers with our market proven & innovative technology based products. The brand name Indichem Specialty Fertilizers Private Limited is very popular among farming community in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat and Andhra Pradesh. Our innovative and unique products are used for fertigation and foliar applications in professional horticulture, agriculture and hydroponics. We are committed to deliver the best of the world solutions to our customers for their success and we are proud of our ability to adopt their needs quickly.


We have the reputation in delivering the most advanced and sustainable technological products to our customers. We earned this reputation by offering the unique range of specialty product such as Micronutri Fe, P Booster, Anticalc, Phitein, Nitrodh, Nutripearn for the agriculture markets.

We have the business co-operation with the world’s leading multinational companies who are the world leaders in their business segments such as Prayon S.A., Belgium.

We are more than just the suppliers, we are the long term partners for our customers & committed in delivering the most advanced & unique technologies in the market today.