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Irrigation system’s lifespan and improve nutrient availability

Our unique Hortipray® anticalc reduces the risk of using hard water and increases the lifespan of your irrigation system. Thanks to the unique sequestering powers, our Anticalc MAP formulation prevents clogging and scaling of your irrigation system, and increases the availability of phosphates. Anticalc effect is based on the sequestration of calcium and magnesium present in hard water as well as on the threshold effect which inhibits precipitation.
Our product is recommended not only when the pH of the irrigation water is high, but also with calcareous water and soils. It replaces standard MAP  and does not need to be acidified.

Hortipray anticalc: safe to use

  • It is safe for plants, installations and environment

Hortipray anticalc: simple to use

  • Just replace the standard hortipray phosphate fertilizers with Its hortipray anticalc version, both standard hortipray MAP  fertilizers as anticalc versions contain the same amount of nutrients.



Polyphosphate technology


Easy to use


Increase irrigation system’s lifespan


Reduce risks of hard water