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NITRODH ® is a fertilizer additive for Urea, Ammonium Sulphate, NPK and Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN), which inhibits nitrification of nitrogen in the soil, reducing the loss of nitrogen by leaching and denitrification.

NITRODH® is a nitrogen stabilizer specific for Urea, NPK and UAN liquid fertilizer. This product is recommended for surface application of urea and urea/ammonium containing fertilizers such as pre-plant, pre-emergence, side-dress, top-dress, broadcast, or other post-planting applications. The benefits NITRODH as a nitrification inhibitor are a result of its ability to prevent ammonium loss in the form of nitrates or nitrous oxide by run off or denitrification.



1.It is essential to in making sure plants are healthy as they develop and nutritious to eat after they’re harvested


2.It is essential in the formation of protein, and protein makes up much of the tissues of most living things.


3.Healthy plants often contain 3 to 4 percent nitrogen in their above-ground tissues. This is a much higher concentration compared to other nutrients.